Dr. Edwin Mckinney Jr
One Half Court Publishing

Edwin Mckinney, Jr. CEO and Author is an Editor, Freelance, and Book publishing operation. He has been involved with writing since 1994 as he had published work before launching his own book publishing company in Jan 2021.

He has two books out now out on the following platforms,  amazon, good read, and kindle. The title of the books is as followed, the first few lines anthology, College life, nostalgic vibe.

Mr. Mckinney has one child and has a passion for shooting guns, coaching sports, writing poetry, and is a certified national fitness trainer.

Mr. McKinney begins and ends each book for a prayer.

Through the grace of Elohim

may he bless us all through his

mercy and grace by his son

resurrection an of the Holy spirit

We know how important your book is to you, so we treat it like it was one of our own.